Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pesach Preparations Began in Y'srael This Year!

Fine Dining on Agrippa Street
With Pesach nearly upon us, I find myself scrambling to make our final preparations for our feast.  The time of Purim is my usual signal that it's time to get ready for Pesach but this year we celebrated Purim in the Land of Y'srael. We managed to get our lamb and matza on our last trip to Fairbanks.  The rest of the meal isn't so hard to put together from our regular grocery trips.  

I know some of you are still waiting to see pictures of our month-long respite from our winter weather.  Our time enjoying the winter "cold" of Y'srael was amazing.  Alaska managed to save some bitter cold for our return home to complicate things.  It looks like winter is finally losing it's grip here.  

The biggest problem is our internet access hasn't been working very well and uploading pictures is nearly impossible so I've stalled out on posting anything. Hopefully these things will find a way of working themselves out and we pray your Pesach celebration works out as well.  


SueJean & DannyLee

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