Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Where Oh Where Did January GO?


January 31st, 2017
So, what does one do with oneself when there's no where to go and basically, no way to get there?  

For me, quilting keeps me sane as DannyLee sings and writes songs.  

Here are two more "Draftbuster" door quilts I made for the arctic entryway doors.  

 I make these quilts "free-style" from the measurements needed to cover the doorway generously and combining different styles until I've got something I like. This has a variety of "log cabin" style blocks and "3-D boxy stars" all cobbled together with bits of sashing. 

The "cow face" was from a "pillow print" and all of the fabric came from the thrift store including the heavy backing fabric that I used. 

The curtain rods swing the quilts out of the way when we want to use the door and I'll simply unclip them during the summer and put them in the linen closet. 

 I used a wool blanket in one of these, but it made the quilt way too heavy so I used plain batting in the second one. 

There's a rope threaded across the top of the quilt for the clips to grab onto and a stuffed door stopper at the bottom to hold the quilt against the bottom of the door and keep out any drafts. I made it from old socks on one and a bit of an old curtain stuffed with scraps and trimmings on the other. 

"Trip Around the World" in the snow!
 This is my latest quilt for the month that I started in December. The pattern is called "Trip Around the World" and all of the fabric is again scraps from the thrift store. 

It looks hard, but the technique is actually quite fast and easy as it uses strip piecing, nested seams, and goes together very fast. 

I was in love from the beginning and if I can get to it before the cat, this one's mine.  Unfortunately, she likes it too!
This is the back of the quilt that I pieced using all of the leftover fabric from the top and a few more odd blocks and scraps thrown in for good measure.

I made the binding from the same pile of scraps and it's too bad it doesn't show up in the pictures. It worked out great as it harmonizes with the top of the quilt and adds to the color on top. 

I've still got a couple more UFO's to work on before spring comes and we're back to lumberjacking! 

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