Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Hanukkah and Good-bye (GOOD RIDDANCE?) 2016

The Eighth Night of Hanukkah 2016
 The last night of Hanukkah is always the brightest and in a way, the saddest as we watch those last nine candles "race to the base" and contemplate the fate of those leftover candles we have every year.  I wonder how many years we have to keep Hanukkah before we don't have to buy a box of candles, but with the world in the state it is today, I'm too lazy to do the math or consider we might even have that much time left in the world. 

I have to laugh as I confess we had "American latkes" this year for our celebration.  DannyLee was confused when I told him about how I was going to circumvent any effort to make real latkes by simply baking some of my favorite tater tots instead.  

Bottom line: I hate frying anything and my latkes never come out that great and I love tater tots.  Oh, and yes, we had a couple of donuts for Hanukkah this year, but not fried and not homemade either.  (I know...I know!)  

Other news: We got nearly a foot of snow on the night of December 30th which was a strange kind of blessing.  In that one night we went from burning three bins of wood every 24 hours to burning 1 1/2 and feeling warmer to boot.  The truth is we don't have enough insulation in the attic and that "blanket" on the roof really helps. 

DannyLee is still working on this music and recently did some cool songs about Alaska. He's put together a special Alaskan CD just for friends so if you're interested....

I'm still quilting and here's my first completed quilt of 2017: 

"Quay-ze Quilt" - 2017
It's a jelly roll race done in Hawaiian prints for my Mom's BFF as a "cheering her up" gift.  My Mom said she likes lots of color and I didn't have anything more colorful than this pile of pieces I bought off of eBay.  The purple fabric is a felt-type to keep this lap quilt from sliding off onto the floor. 

That's all our news for now!


SueJean & DannyLee

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