Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Sukkot!!

We pray that all of you are enjoying the Fall Feasts!

One of my personal goals this year was to perfect my crown challah. This one was made for Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets.  I'm getting better!  It tasted even better than it looked!

We celebrated Yom Teruah twice as we traveled to North Pole to fellowship with some new friends on Saturday and then enjoyed our own celebration at home on Sunday.  

Our neighbor reported the sound of shofars as we happily blasted away thinking we were all alone out here in the bush.  

As DannyLee was studying the Torah portions and celebrating his 70th birthday, he realized that not only is his birth Torah portion Ha-zinu (spelling?) or the Song of Moshe, but he was actually born on Yom Teruah!  How's that for a revelation!!  

We enjoyed a very quiet Yom Kippur or Feast of Atonement here at home as we reflected on how far we've come in the years that Torah has been a part of our lives.  

As King David so eloquently put it in Psalms 119, the Torah is a delight to us and has changed our understanding of YHVH Elohim and our King and Redeemer Yeshua in so many ways.  

Our hearts break daily as we consider how so many around us have rejected HIM in our present day. I'd hate to think of where I'd be without HIM and HIS Torah to guide me through the troubles of our world today.  

Now as we stand on the brink of SUKKOT!!!, we're amazed to report that we've not yet had a single flake of snow here in Dot Lake!!

I know that's hard to believe and even though I look outside multiple times during the day AND the night, NO SNOW!

It's very cold at night and is slipping down into the thirties now during the day.  We've had several hard frosts and the ground is freezing but not a drop of moisture is coming from the clear blue skies each day. The northern lights are putting on some spectacular shows at night and the stars are bright.  

Yesterday a couple of flocks of Trumpeter Swans flew over just as the sun fell behind the ridge.  They shown with golden light in the blue sky as they flew over.  My camera was too far from hand to even try to capture their image.  

The good news is that we've been able to continue cutting wood every day and we're at peak levels though we've been burning wood since we got the woodstove in place.  DannyLee's graduated from a maul to a splitting axe.  He's wondering why he didn't do that long ago as it's much quicker.  

On a final note, I convinced DannyLee we needed a new bench for Sukkot so he "built" me a "Whittle" bench.  We'll be able to spend our Sukkot next to our campfire outside our fancy "Rolling Sukka" as Mike C. likes to joke about.  

P.S.  You wouldn't think it was so little if you had to lift this thing.  I nearly killed myself lifting the big log to an upright position.  It took both of us to lift it onto the "feet".  

Here's our fancy Sukkot kitchen/dining area:  

Our "Whittle Bench"
On a final note, please remember the words of Yeshua:  

"Where two or more are gathered, I AM there with you."  

No matter how small your "fellowship" group may be, it only takes two to draw HIS presence into your life.  Don't let the enemy steal your joy or make you stumble over being alone.  YOU're NOT!!

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