Monday, August 29, 2016

Where Oh Where Did My Summer Go?

My 2016 Summer Project

There's a funny thing about "summer projects" here in Alaska....they always seem to be about making it easier to get through the long winter!  

This summer, our secondary project to refilling the woodshed was to install a new wood stove that wouldn't require us to stay up all night tending a fire OR getting up to a freezing cold house the next morning.  

This is our "new" wood stove built for us by Chris and his crew at Tok Welding.  Chris has a cool website for his wood stove business at  He's been building stoves for many, many years and when we learned about him, we wanted one of his stoves to replace the old, temperamental stove we inherited with our house.  

The problem was that we couldn't just poke a new stove in the old spot without making some effort to make it look WAY better.  So, here's our version of "way better" with rocks from all over the world plastered to the walls.  

As I promised, I would post a picture when the job was complete.   The walls took days and days.  The floor I did in a few hours.  I didn't actually have a "plan".  This is just the way the "vision" in my head manifested through the work of my hands.