Friday, June 17, 2016

Shavuot - A Double Portion

Signs of Summer on the Road to Tok

After 7 complete weeks of counting the omer, comes the Feast of Shavuot.  This is the final feast of the spring feasts and closes out the Feasts that were fulfilled by the first coming of Yeshua Hamashiach, our Savior and King.  At this feast, we proclaim our allegiance to our King Yeshua.  

On this day, in the time of Moshe, the Israelites, (native born and the alien/sojourner among them, according to Moshe) gathered at Mount Sinai to receive the Torah.  Our King gave us HIS Laws, Statutes and Ordinances to teach us how we are to live and to give us time to practice and learn how to live in HIS Kingdom. Anyone that doesn't wish to follow HIS Laws will have to find somewhere else to live.  

Also on this day, about two thousand years later, the Israelites gathered in the Upper Room as they were instructed by Yeshua as HE prepared to ascend to HIS Father.  There they received a powerful outpouring of the Ruach HaChodesh that changed everything.  On that day, three thousand souls were added to the Kingdom.  

DannyLee waving the barley loaf!

We were doubly blessed this year to have two Shavuots.  

Our first was spent in North Pole with some fellow believers.  We got to enjoy tabbouleh for the first time.  It was fun to have a chance to make our proclamations of faith with others present.  This was our deepest prayer this year as we felt very strongly that it was important this year more so than ever before to keep this feast to the best of our ability. We've heard echoes of that feeling from many directions.

We can only hope that we'll get to spend some time with these kind folks again some day.  

SueJean waving the barley loaf.

Our second was spent at home where we again made our proclamations of faith and blew our shofars.  We had a lovely supper of hummus, turkey salad and barley bread.  I was amused to find a 'fish' somehow managed to 'rise up' in the middle of my barley loaf.  Too funny!  

Friday, June 3, 2016

Counting the Omer in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Sun setting to the northwest/looking back at the house to the southeast.
Click on the picture to get a bigger view of them.

One of the hallmarks of spring in Alaska is the lengthening days until we reach the summer solstice.  If you look at the picture of our house closely, you can see the reflection of the sunset behind me in the picture window.  It's really amazing when you realize the time this picture was taken and the days are still getting longer....

May was a busy month for us as we've had a lot of excitement with the road construction project that has overwhelmed us with NOISE!  They set up the base of their operation one lot over to the north of us where the firefighters set up their base last year and brought in tons of heavy equipment to build the road.  If you've never been privy to the use of dynamite, it can be very disconcerting.  To make it even more interesting, they set it off by shooting it and sometimes they don't hit their target on the first shot.  Even more interesting is that they started the month off with dynamite after 10 p.m.  What a wake-up that was for DannyLee!  The good side is they're not flying over our house all the time in helicopters.  

Mama Moose & Baby being warned by our 'big dog'.
We've also had more than a few visitors this month.  Ari hasn't been too happy about that, but the flag person stationed at the end of our driveway has informed us that the bear mama and her cub are making a wide berth around our property.  I was very happy to hear that as we spend our days out in the woods gathering our firewood for next winter.  

We're happy to miss out on any close encounters with our four-legged neighbors.  

This is the time for us to count the omer and we started off as usual with DannyLee finding dimes.  We were very interested when the first dime he found was from our 'neighbor', Canada.  It's funny enough that he finds dimes at all and we take it as a private joke between us and Elohim tying back to our first method of using dimes as a way of doing our count.  Finding one from Canada while we're concerned about our Canadian friends in Alberta, was like a nudge to get in touch with them.  We were further encouraged to do so when we saw the news that Alberta was engulfed in flames.  A phone call saved us a lot of worry as they assured us Adonai was protecting them as always and the fire was going around them again.  

In this time of the spring feasts of Elohim, we have caused a lot of people to ask us if we're Jewish.  The answer to that question is emphatically, NO!  We're not Jewish. We're Hebrews and we worship the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob according to the way HE commanded us to worship in HIS Torah.  

Our self-identification is based on Scripture with a clear understanding of this matter coming here:  "And if you belong to Yeshua [are in HIM Who is Abraham's seed], then you are Abraham's offspring and [spiritual]heirs according to promise." Galatians 3:29  For those that don't understand, Abraham was a Hebrew, not a Jew. You can check DannyLee's writings at his blog site if you want to know more about this matter.  

We 'found' a fun new restaurant on our trip to Fairbanks this month.  This place is in the center of town, but if you didn't know it was there, I'm not sure how you'd find it.  It's been featured on that TV show 'Diners, Drive-ins & Dives' and one trip there made it clear to us why.  We love BBQ brisket and this place advertises itself as the 'northernmost southern-style BBQ restaurant'.  They've got their smokers set up outside and the smell is heavenly.  

We highly recommend their 'cowboy sundaes' and NO, there's no ice cream involved....

As I said, we've been busy this month cutting firewood and getting ready for summer. The purple flowers are already blooming everywhere and the little wild roses are showing their pinks.  The fireweed blossoms come up red and the grass is already lush with all the rain and sunshine we've had.  We're excited to be outside every day even if it is mainly to cut wood.  

I'll close this post with one last picture.  This is the sign that DannyLee wanted to put up so I painted it for him.  I think it came out pretty good for a non-artist, eh?