Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Longer Days As Winter Wanes

I begin this post with a sad note on the unexpected passing of our Postman Jim.  Life in our small village has been changed dramatically and our appreciation for him is magnified with the loss of the post office as he was the sole purveyor of postal services.  The cascade effect of this loss extends to our mailing address.  It was a toss-up between "moving" our mailbox 60 miles to the north or 50 miles to the south.  

Sadly, Jim is beyond the knowledge of how much he will be sorely missed and we are left with the regrets of not showing appropriate regard for his efforts.  We can only pray that his reward in the Kingdom will be great.  Go in peace, our friend.....

 February is early to think about the arrival of spring, but the human spirit is relentless in the pursuit of hope and today brought the happy sound of "drip, drip, drip".  

The temperatures are volatile ranging from 20 below zero to 20 above and today was even higher as it neared 30 degrees and the bright sun warmed the roof.  

The wood shed nears the mark of empty, but DannyLee believes we will make it well into March before it's all gone this year.  We count that as a victory.  

We have a lot of snow on the ground at this time.  It will take several weeks to melt all of this away.  

Ari will be the happiest to see the return of spring.  She loves to be outside and will stay out long after the cold starts to make her shiver.  

I'm sure she doesn't like her new coat, but it makes me feel better as she comes in much quicker just because she wants it off.  

I wish I had a way to put a video of her in this blog.  She "stagger-walks" when I first put her coat on and let her outside.  The joy of being outside quickly overcomes her discomfort and she happily runs through the woods soon after.  It is a sight to behold!  

Our "yard art" has been a constant source of entertainment this winter.  The snow has changed each piece in some very interesting ways.  

The "shofar-guy" below takes on a whole new look day by day.  

On this day, I note a particular resemblance to my "cowboy"....

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