Saturday, January 16, 2016

Unexpected Pleasures Bring Great Delight

The trip to the post office is always a pleasant break in the routine of our winter days.  DannyLee likes to get out of the house, even if its only to make the two mile jaunt through the woods that surround us and down the Alaska highway.  

The dog(s) are (were) always up for a quick ride in the truck.  (Sadly, we lost Bella this week as her age overcame her will to go on and Ari wanders about these past two days looking lost at the sudden loss of her companion.)

Our Little "Family'
Good-bye to Bella

We've found that Amazon bridges the gap between our needs and our dread of making the much longer drives to the nearest stores.  

This makes trips to the post office even more exciting as we never know what might have come in on the daily mail truck that travels from Delta Junction to Tok and back six days a week. 

As we were trying to cope with the sadness of Bella's passing, an unexpected package from a new friend we made this past summer gave us a moment of unexpected joy.  

A fellow musician/music lover and quilter that came to visit us from Alberta had promised to send some of her "fabric finds" from her favorite thrift store.  The promise had long since slipped our minds, but she remembered us and a box heavy with treasure came after a long journey.  (Yes, I know Alberta isn't all that far away, but the package was sent priority mail (at great cost) and it took nearly a month to arrive.)  

DannyLee wasn't as excited as I was, of course, but his mind was changed when I showed him a lovely print of golfers in traditional garb teeing off.  He admitted that tears came to his eyes the next morning when he found his new pillow waiting for him in his recording studio.  

Thanks so much for making our day brighter, Diana!  Your gift came at just the right time.  

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