Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Days of Our Lives

Heading Home From Tok

A welcome break in our days is a trip to Tok for pizza and the chance to pick up a few groceries.  Usually we go on Wednesdays because on that day seniors are given a 10% discount.  

When we arrived in town, I was surprised to see the parking lot at Three Bears nearly empty.  We passed by to head to Fast Eddies with pizza in mind, but we were waylaid by the daily special and ended up with grilled turkey sandwiches.  Oh, well, pizza for another time!  

We headed back to the grocery store to pick up some milk and bananas and I was again surprised by the empty parking lot and the near empty store.  Wednesday's are usually packed with shoppers from the nearby villages.  

I was also surprised to find people stocking shelves and items on sale as these things also don't happen on that day.  As I wandered the aisles, I picked up some basics with the thought of a 10% discount.  I passed on the $7.50 can of Crisco as we're thinking of heading to Fairbanks next month.  

When we got to the checkout, we settled into our routines of me checking the prices that rang up on the computer and DannyLee organizing the items to his liking on the conveyor and then loading them into the bags - "his way".  

When the total was before me, I turned to DannyLee as he's always quick to say, "Don't forget the 'old man' discount!" with a big grin.  He hadn't said anything.  

I blurted out to him about his "discount comment" and both he and the cashier turned to me in surprise.  "That's tomorrow!" they both said in unison.  

My confusion was evident and my humiliation was complete.  It was Tuesday!  Why were we in Tok on Tuesday?  Wisely, I shut my mouth and mulled this paradox on my own.  Habits can be a hazardous thing to get into.  

Speaking of habits, I'm still enjoying my newest habit/hobby.  The short winter days lend themselves to quilting and the internet fuels my passion with lots of blogs and sites providing plenty of inspiration.  

I made these two quilts from string blocks for my Mom's birthday.  

I started making these blocks for fun and they were so interesting that I made them for several days.  They begged to become a quilt and fit the theme of "hugs and kisses", a perfect Valentine/birthday gift.  Even the cat was impressed!  

"Hugs & Kisses" or "XX's & OO's"

The link above is for a website promoting a documentary about the archaeological evidence of the Exodus.  The filmmaker devoted 12 years of his life chasing the story given to us in the Book of Exodus.  

Many archaeologists and even those with pulpits to speak such things claim that there is no evidence that the Exodus ever happened or that there were ever any Israelites in Egypt.  These claims have formed the foundation for many to disclaim any truth to the stories of our ancestors given in the Torah.  

As these claims have overwhelmed many who want to believe that the Bible is true, the number of people that have left their faith is sad.  

DannyLee and I watched the video carefully not because our faith in the Scriptures is in any way shaken, but because we wanted to see the evidence the filmmaker had uncovered and make our own judgment on the matter.  

I won't spoil the matter, but I do highly recommend that you check out this video.  It's for anyone that enjoys an honest and scientific analysis of the evidence.  There are right ways to determine truth - a fact that many in the so-called scientific community seem to have lost sight of in their pursuit of glory.  Hmm....

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