Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Announcing --- Our Seventh CD - "On the "Rock"-y Road"

DannyLee has finished recording his seventh CD.  We have contracted with Songcast to make this CD available for downloads through various music services including Amazon.  This process takes time and I will post a note here when the CD becomes available.  We also hope to add our previous Messianic CD's to Songcast as soon as we can.  

We have sent all of the songs to Messianic Lamb Radio so that our listeners can enjoy our new songs.  Please let us know if you hear one of our new songs and how it has blessed you.  That would be a great blessing for us as we have struggled long and hard to bring this music forward.  

I will be adding more about the songs on this CD in the near future.  


Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Hanukkah 2015!

From our house to yours!

As the darkness in our world threatens to overwhelm us, the lights of Hanukkah give us hope for a future.  We long for the Maccabees of our generation to rise up and take a stand for truth, but we hear only the garbled sounds of many discordant voices speaking nonsense.  

For these next eight days, let us push back the darkness with the lighting of our candles as we look to Elohim to guide us.  We pray for those that are struggling against the darkness around the world.  We pray for Y'srael -- the Land, the Kingdom and the People,  and the terror that threatens them even as it makes it way to every part of the world.  

There is only one way to drive out the darkness.  Yeshua gave us His plan for it.  

Here are His thoughts:  

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be drawn to worship Elohim, the One, True God..."  (my paraphrase) of Matthew 5:16

"That you may show yourselves to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated, children of Elohim without blemish in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation among whom you are seen as bright lights in the dark world,"   Philippians 2:15 

One of the joys of Hanukkah is the giving of gifts and we've been busy working on our own special gifts.  

DannyLee created a special gift for his grandchildren with a bedtime story about Noah and a song CD.  Listening to his wonderful voice telling the story gave us an idea for some more stories and songs that will keep him busy for quite a while.  

He's also made some special recordings for some of the special people in our lives.  They know who they are!  Keep your eyes on your mailbox.

I've been busy in my quilt-shop and have finished some things I'm pretty excited about.  I finished a jelly roll race quilt for his granddaughter and added a couple of pillows as a whim.  They go well with the story of Noah.  

This is the largest quilt I've "quilted" instead of using the "knots" technique.  It was enough work to keep me VERY warm.  

 The pillows are made using the "3-Dudes" blocks.  I've been playing with various fabrics to make XX's and OO's for a future quilt project.  

I had the print of Noah from a pillow project I did for my great-granddaughter and thought it would make a cute pillow by itself for his grandson.

 Here are the fronts and the backs of both pillows.  

(I thought I had done a better job of cropping these photos, hmm.)  

The snow falling outside makes uploading photos an "all-nighter".  
In the interest of keeping out the cold, I'm still working on my "Draftbuster" quilts.  

I wanted to make something special for the window in DannyLee's office/recording studio as a gift for him.  

I found a pattern for a quilt block called "Attic Window" and came up with this as a result.  He was thrilled with his Hanukkah gift!

 His office window went from this....

To this!  

 Here are some close-ups of the individual panels:

The pattern of the cloth is pretty repetitive and I learned what the term "fussy cutting" means to do this quilt.  I had to laugh as I'm generally pretty fussy about wasting material and try to use every scrap, but this was a gift.  

These are some big windows.  The pictures don't seem to give that perspective, but this window measures 40 inches by 52 inches.  

I had to do lots of math and measuring to figure this out.  

I believe that I've moved away from the status of being a "beginner" to the realm of "intermediate" with these latest creations.  

The snow continues to fall in the evenings, but we're staying warm and dry.  The moose keeps the dogs entertained and the wolves seem to be staying away for now.  We watch the days grow shorter with the knowledge, that this will soon come to an end and the cycle will reverse itself in a matter of weeks.  

Blessings to all those that stop by here to check up on us!