Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reasons To Be Thankful!

 As we settle into our winter routines, we find much to be thankful for once again.  The snow is piling up outside and the cold causes the house to creak and groan, but we're warm and dry as we sit and listen to the crackling of the fire in our woodstove.  

DannyLee has been working feverishly on the recordings of his new songs in hopes of getting them on-line soon.  Our biggest challenges are the duets as I struggle with the strength of my voice with the onslaught of the cold air and the wood smoke that sometimes manages to sneak out of the stove.  We have resolved to press into this goal until we can claim the victory over my weakness.  

Yesterday, we had a VERY LARGE visitor outside our house as a hungry moose foraged through one of our brush piles in search of a tasty snack.  Ari decided to be the "big dog" and tried to drive the moose away by barking frantically, but the moose wasn't impressed.  She charged Ari a couple of times half-heartedly, but Ari is fast and wary of the huge creatures.  She stays well out of range of the moose in the deep snow.  In the end, both animals opted to ignore each other and pretended to go off in search of other amusements much to our relief.  

I've been quilting in my workshop as I've finished my "Draftbuster" door quilt and then made two more "Draftbuster" window quilts for our bedroom.  

Here are the pictures of my latest projects:

bedroom window quilt

These quilts are lined with Insul-bright to keep the cold out and the warmth in.  I'm happy to report that they do just that!

All of the material used here is scrap materials bought in small packets from the thrift store.  

I used the quilting techniques I learned in the half square triangle challenge for the edges.
 The door and window quilts in the back room are quarter log cabin squares.  I used a few half square triangles in the mid-sections just for fun.  

The bottom of the quilt is filled with glass marbles and scraps of batting to hold it against the bottom of the door.  
This "Draftbuster" door quilt is double-sided and hung on a curtain rod attached to a gate hinge.  It covers the door and attaches to the wall on each side with strips of velcro.  

When the door is opened, the quilt pushes back against the wall out of the way.  It's also lined with Insul-bright.  

As soon as we hung it up, we could feel the difference in the utility room and the bathroom.  
I'm planning on another door quilt for the living room and a window quilt for DannyLee's office window.  

These are going to take me a while as I've still got some UFO's to finish (UnFinished Objects).  

Quilting will keep me busy for the winter as I keep finding plenty of new squares to try on the internet.  My only regret is that I didn't try out quilting sooner.  It's a lot of fun.  

On a different note, I've been trying out lots of new recipes for bread and meals cooked in my pressure cooker.  I've even made a meatloaf in it which was scary but tasted great.  Nothing warms the heart faster than a tasty meal as we sit inside and watch the snow fall!  

We are thankful to Elohim for HIS blessings and HIS presence as HE watches over us and our friends and families.  Our prayers are with all of you as you find your own reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving holiday.  

May Hashem bless you and keep you safe!  

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