Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Wacky Winter" Where??

One of the major aspects of life in Alaska is winter.  It seems like we have far more winter than any other season and if we're not talking about when it's going to be over, the talk is all about when it's going to start.  

This summer was unremarkable and most of the weather remarks we heard were about how bad this winter could be.
(Of course, everyone seems to think that anyway!)

With snow in late August and the geese heading south too, it looked like winter was going to come early.  Our Sukkot celebration started off with near blizzard winds and snow that lasted for a couple of days driving us indoors to the shelter of the woodstove.  That didn't clear away until our "season of joy" was nearly past.  

Now, here we are in late October and while the temps are hovering around freezing, most of the little snow we had is gone and every time the "weatherman" puts snow on the 10-day board, it falls off long before the day arrives.  

October 14, 2015
October 23, 2015

This was our drive to Delta Junction today.  There was frost on the trees at some places, but for the most part, not.  With all the talk of El Nino, we try to enjoy the blessing of being able to spend nice days outside adding to our woodpile.  None of us dare to believe this is going to last very long.  This is ALASKA!

With that in mind, I'm back to my quilting and here are two of my latest BFO's (Beautiful Finished Objects).  I went back to my sewing machine with the plan to take care of all my UFO's (Un-Finished Objects), but a few new ideas keep jumping in so I'm spending some of my time working on the UFO's and the rest of my time creating more UFO's in the hopes that I will have plenty of BFO's to show for it.

This is my "Draftbuster" window quilt.  I'm making a door "Draftbuster" quilt just like it, but it's still in the UFO's pile.

The style is Quarter Log Cabin squares and I made it from a bunch of scrap pieces from the thrift store.  

It's padded with Insul-Bright which is layered with aluminum foil to keep the cold out and the heat in or so one would hope!  It sticks to the window frame with velcro and we just pull it off during the short day.  

This quilt is the one I made for my Great-granddaughter.  It's all soft and cuddly made from fleece scraps.  I hope she can feel the love that went into making it for her.