Saturday, September 26, 2015

With Yom Teruah & Yom Kippur Behind Us....

......Sukkot lies ahead!  

The Fall Feasts are in our thoughts all summer long as we consider how we are to observe them in this place where the fall season lasts about as long as it takes for all the leaves to turn yellow/orange/brown and fall off the trees.  We made the transition from green to bare in a week this year.  

It's not unreasonable to expect snow long before Sukkot.  We saw our first snow flurries the last week of August and although it hasn't been staying, the bite of winter cold is nipping around the edges of the wood stove's heat in the late evening/early morning hours.  

We stayed busy in August entertaining guests, cutting wood, winterizing the house, cutting wood, visiting some new (for us) parts of Alaska, cutting wood, and adding another member to our little "family.                             (Did I mention cutting wood?)   

That's Bella, our latest addition in the bottom right hand corner of the picture above with DannyLee.  She came with papers and a distinguished pedigree.  Ari and Yoshi weren't fazed a bit by her paternity and quickly established her lower rank in the household.  
She did manage to "snag" a spot on the couch for herself and her and Ari have worked out their "space" issues.  

Size is nothing in this household as Bella is 3 times Ari's weight and Ari is twice Yoshi's and the CAT RULES!!

We managed to get the wood shed full and are well on our way to filling the wood spaces in our garage.  All of the standing dead trees are marked for harvest later on in the winter.  It will be good to get back to hauling wood on our sled.  The wheelbarrow (and my back) are ready for a long vacation.  Snow makes it a lot easier to move heavier loads. 

Today we'd planned to go to Fairbanks to celebrate DannyLee's 69th birthday, but snow changed those plans before we'd even gotten out of bed.  A friend in the city called to tell us that the streets were already treacherous and several cars were in the ditch.  We opted to head south to Tok for our little celebration and avoid becoming a statistic.  We didn't want it to be a birthday to remember for all the wrong reasons.  

Our sukka is ready for the advent of Sukkot on Monday.  We pray that all of our brothers and sisters in Yeshua enjoy this last great fall feast as we intend to make the best of it for another year away from Yerushalyem.  

Hag Sameach Sukkot! 

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