Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Precious Days of Summer in Alaska!

June 30, 2015
This summer has presented us with some challenges.  We have been cutting wood almost daily in an effort to fill the woodshed and the garage before the snow flies. These pictures show the progress we made in the month of June.  

Some days we feel like we're getting it done......other days....

June 30, 2015
During this month, we've seen some very, VERY smoky days and lots of up-close and personal activity by the brave and self-less firefighters that work hard to protect us from the fires that threatened to wipe us out.  

To say that we are grateful to them would be a serious understatement - we are overwhelmed with gratitude!

The fire we were most concerned with was within 4 miles of our house and many times we found ourselves "downwind" of it.  

Fortunately, the firefighters were able to contain it and eventually get it put out.  The fire was the result of a lightening strike.

Taken on July 5, 2015 at 12:33 a.m.
During the month of July, we have the pleasure of hosting several visitors through AirBnB.  This is an experiment and our first guests were from Slovenia.    We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and look forward to continuing this little experiment.  

Jurij & Petra, Filip & Katya from Slovenia
One of the complaints that our guests had about their trip was the lack of moose on the drive from Fairbanks to our home.  On our last trip, we double-checked the moose population and we can say, yes, they're still out there.  We "flashed" this one as proof.

On a final note, the fireweed is everywhere and I had to include at least one more picture of flowers as Alaska is in bloom!

Fields and Fields of Fireweed