Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pesach Preparations 2015

"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."

Yes, you're seeing a very COLD day in Alaska.  This is one of the coldest temperatures that we've seen all winter.  This was taken on March 15, 2015.  DannyLee said that the thermometer was pegged at -50 degrees when he got up.  (He always gets up earlier than I do, but I stay up much later!)  

I have to say that our thermometer is wildly inaccurate but since it only goes down to -60, it's anyone's guess as to the real temperature.  It wouldn't have been such a big deal if we hadn't run out of firewood back in February.  Thankfully, we still have lots of pellets for the pellet stove and this cold snap was pretty brief.  It lasted only a few days and we were able to squeak through with the little wood we had on hand and some quick cuts during the daytime when it warmed up a bit.  

March brought us cold weather, a trip to the roof and the celebration of Purim.  We don't actually put much thought into Purim since it isn't a commanded feast and we don't have children.  It's just not that much fun when there's just two adults and DannyLee would have to dress up as Mordecai AND Haman AND the King and I'm sure he wouldn't go for that.  

More importantly, the celebration of Purim serves as a reminder to us that Pesach is coming and the time of preparation is at hand.  This we take very seriously as this feast seems to set the tone for all of our observances throughout the rest of the year.  We fear that if we get lazy or lax here, it will cause us to get even lazier as time goes on.

Our preparations are a bit more complicated here in the Interior as we have to go to Fairbanks in order to buy our lamb and our matza.  The Fred Myer stores and oftentimes, Safeway have lamb in small quantities throughout the year.  We never know, however, if those quantities will cover the demand as there is a Jewish community in Fairbanks.  

We thought it might be better to go sooner rather than later in order to secure the provisions that we would need to prepare our feast.  Our efforts were rewarded with a case of matza and a beautiful lamb roast. My mouth is watering already as I think of how good it's going to taste. I'm not sure why we don't have lamb more often, but then I remember the cost.  At over $5.00 a pound, it's more like an investment than a food item.  

We drove to Fairbanks on a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the high 30's/low 40's.  It's always an exhausting trip as we try to do ALL of our shopping as fast as we can in order to get back on the road home as soon as possible.  DannyLee usually does all of the driving while I watch the road for patches of ice and straying moose.  We saw plenty of ice, but thankfully, our prayers were answered and the moose stayed away from the road.  

One bonus of going to Fairbanks is that we always treat ourselves to a nice lunch somewhere on the way.  On this day, we stopped at a little diner in North Pole.  As we were parking, I happened to look to my right to see this beautiful sight - two of our favorite flags flying proudly in front of the diner!  

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