Sunday, March 8, 2015

HONEY!!! What's That?!?!?

The Chimney for Our Woodstove!
Today was supposed to be a very busy day of collecting firewood and preparing for an incoming cold front that is supposed to bring us temps around 25 below.  We got out there on what started out as a lovely 38 degree day intent on restocking our always dwindling wood supply.  Things started off really well...............

Then, everything changed.  The sky suddenly grew dark.  The wind picked up and snow came blowing sideways through our little forest!

Wait a minute!!  Where did that come from?  We went from a lovely, sunny 38 degree day to a near white-out blizzard condition in a matter of minutes.  Huh?

Fortunately, all of this happened right at the point we were hauling our last load of firewood into the garage.  The "PLAN" was for DannyLee to bring some wood into the house and we would be ready to bed down for the evening.  Best made plans...............

Now, I've been having some strange problems with the woodstove. When the winds pick up late at night, smoke has been blowing back down the chimney, through the stove and into the house.  This isn't fun! So I asked DannyLee to take a look up at the chimney before he came in the house.  He comes in with a strange report.  He says, "The chimney looks like it's kind of tilted over or something."  This can't be good!

As I'm walking past the dining room window, I just happened to glance out at the raging storm outside.  EEEEKKKK!!!!  The picture above is what I see.  Not a happy moment!  Somehow, we managed to go from "kind of tilted over" to "laying on the ground" in the time it took me to go to the bathroom.  Hmmmmm..............

Well, there wasn't much to be done about that at this point.  Neither of us is all that keen about climbing up on our roof.  It especially wasn't going to happen in the middle of a raging snowstorm.  So, I start to make supper.............

It wasn't too long before I realized that the stove had run out of propane and my roast turkey and veggies was sitting in a lukewarm oven doing nothing.  Now this might be the point where we could have a fit or get really upset or maybe even angry. was just time for a different menu.  There was no way that I was going to make my Darling head out into a storm to change out the propane tank.  I'm not that inflexible or limited in my cooking options.  The roast turkey and veggies went into the crockpot.  The pellet stove is working diligently to keep us warm for now and the storm has passed.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Psa 118:24  This is the day יהוה has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

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