Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oh No! More Snow!

Over hills and through the woods......
 Today we were forced to make the long trek to the grocery store by circumstances far beyond our control - our insane government!  We've made every effort not to have to go out on the roads in crazy, cold weather on icy, slick roads by having everything on hand that we need to get through the winter months.  I've even been feeling pretty good at how I've been managing our meals and food supplies.  

There is one thing, however, that managed to muck up all our best intentions.  Diabetic testing supplies can no longer be mailed out by the pharmacists in Fairbanks.  All supplies must be mailed out by approved agencies and the cost to us for this "service" goes from $2 to $150.  We were faced with paying this exorbitant increase or making the all day trip to Fairbanks in the worst kind of driving conditions and paying $2. Hmmmm............what is "your life" worth?

After our initial panic attacks and rants about such craziness, we were able to calm down and find a way to cut the trip in half at least.  It cost us an extra $25, but again, I refer you back to the previous question. 

Driving these roads during a snowstorm is anything but fun especially in the dark when it's 20-40 below zero.  Snow has been pretty light this year, but this week we're seeing lots in the forecast.  We could have anywhere from 1 to 3 inches per day for the next few days.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Fortunately, it waited to start snowing until we got back home and the roads were almost clear.  

It ended up being a fun trip and we came home with the extra special treat of packets of blackberries and strawberries. Luxuries like these don't come along all that often so we were greatly blessed.  

Ari got to come along on the trip and enjoy the "orts" from my lunch while Yoshi waited at home alone.  She met as at the door with a few "meows" of complaint but a few extra cuddles and she was happy to see us home again.  

The best part was that as soon as we got home, I went to work on our woodstove and got the door back in alignment and working properly again.  It had slipped the hinge a bit and we were a bit worried that the door was just going to come off the hinges right in our hands at the worst possible moment.  It's been too cold to shut it down long enough to cool it to work on it and I hate putting on the pellet stove for no reason as our electric bill is currently in the "payable" range without it running.  

Now, we can relax for a bit, eat some berries and watch the snow fall. Life is good! the grocery store we go!

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