Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sukkot - The Last "Great" Day

Where or where did the summer go...............
 This sad little picture is Ariela's good-bye to summer which mirrors our sadness at coming to the end of Sukkot.  She doesn't understand the cycle of the seasons whether they be natural or spiritual and she's not a big fan of snow and ice (ditto for DannyLee!).  Her love is the freedom and the adventure of the outdoors.  Alaskan winters can be a trial for anyone, even a dog!

We celebrated the last "great" day of Sukkot with a "feast" of roasted turkey, baked squash, stuffing and gravy and pumpkin spice cake and my favorite little pumpkin rolls.  

Sukkot 2014
We're grateful to be able to put such a feast on the table at a time when so many are doing without and going hungry.  It's hard not to think of the suffering in the world these days.  When we fasted for Yom Kippur, we experienced only a few hours of hunger and it was uncomfortable, but only uncomfortable.  We can only wonder at how we will endure during the Great Tribulation when the urge to complain will seem overwhelming as 3 1/2 years in no way compares to a single day.  

Our thoughts on this last "great" day caused us to question what have we learned during this Torah cycle and how has it changed our lives.  We both agreed that this year was more significant than all the years before as we caught the confirmations over and over again for the Greater Exodus.  Each year that we study the Torah, it has changed us and drawn us to a deeper love of our FATHER in heaven.  

We struggled with so many questions this past year about our path and the difficulties that we seem to have to face over and over again.  We've wept and rejoiced and found ourselves overwhelmed time and time again as HE answered our fears, our concerns and our questions through each Torah study.  

The bottom line for us is, however, that as we face the start of a new Torah cycle, our feelings are joy, excitement and anticipation for the new things that HE will be revealing in this coming year.  So we find ourselves back to "In the beginning..." and we turn our faces forward to see just how HE will once again reveal to us "the end from the beginning".  

Be strong, be strong and be strengthened!

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