Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Every Journey Has A Destination........Or Does It?

There's one road that leads to Homer, AK -  one way in and one way out - unless you have a boat, of course.  

When we drove down that road almost two years ago, we had no idea how long we would stay in Homer and looking back, there were so many times when we wondered why we were staying in Homer.  We came here seemingly almost by accident and we stayed here always thinking "why?".

We've been through so many thoughts, ideas and misconceptions about our time here over the last two years that it would take far too many words to even try to begin to explain the unexplainable.  One thought that I've struggled with over the course of our RV journey has been "when does it all to come an end and where will that be".  It has always grieved me to see RV's tied to lots and parking spaces with underpinning and decks built up around them and yet, here we were - "tied to the ground".

The "hitch itch" has been almost unbearable and the urge to be "On The Road Again" has never gone away.  We're gypsies!  It's in our hearts and in our blood and looking out the window of our truck with that open road before us is the one thing that can always bring a smile to my heart and a song to my lips.  

So, the time has come for us to break away from the ties and bonds that have held us to Homer and move on down the road always looking for that road that will take us "home" - wherever that may be........

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shauvuot, aka The Day of Proclamation

We have come to the end of the counting of the omer and thus, it is Shauvuot, or the Day of Proclamation.  It is customary to do two things on this day.  The first is a mikvah which basically translates to "take a bath".  

This is the  idea behind baptisms in the church today.  This custom originated at Mount Sinai and was commanded by Elohim as the children of Israel prepared themselves to meet their Savior face to face.  

We were commanded to wash our clothes and ourselves that we might present ourselves before HIM cleansed of our outside filth.  This was not a one-time event in the life of the Israelites.  This was a continual practice that was performed every time someone wanted to visit either the Tabernacle in the wilderness or the Temples in Jerusalem.  

The second thing that we are supposed to do today is to make a public proclamation of our faith in Yeshua, our Messiah and Savior.  In the past, we have made this proclamation on the beach or at our campsite with the hope that anyone within earshot would hear us and know us as believers.  

Today, I thought it would be even more public to make this proclamation here on our blog which has been viewed over 20,000 times by someone or something.  So, without further ado, here is our proclamation:  

We, DannyLee ben Israel (aka Daniel Lee Whittle) and SueJean, do hereby proclaim that we believe in, adhere to and rely on Yeshua Hamashiach, the Blessed Son of YHVH Elohim as our Messiah and Savior.  We declare that HE is our GOD and that our faith and trust is in HIM and HIM alone.  We have given our lives and all that HE has given us to serve HIM as simple bondservants .  

We, willingly and fully out of love and respect for HIM commit ourselves to walk according to HIS WORD and to keep HIS commandments as given to us through the teachings of Moses in the Torah and as expanded through HIS teachings in the Brit Chadesha as best as we are able to understand and carry them out in this world with an eye towards eternity when HE will bring us into a more perfect understanding in HIS Kingdom.  

May HE preserve and uphold us with HIS strength to keep us in all of HIS ways and have mercy upon us when we fall short.  

            SueJean & DannyLee