Wednesday, April 3, 2013

After Pesach and "Lotsa Matza", What Comes Next........It's Time To Count The Omer!!

The celebration of Pesach is always a milestone to us.  Each year, we see this as a renewal of our commitment to walk out the ways of our Creator and Lord YHVH ELOHIM.  Our Seder was wonderful even though it was just the two of us.  As the saying goes at the end of the Seder, "Maybe next year....."

For our Passover meal, I used last year's recipe for the lamb with lots of extra garlic thrown in for good measure and also last year's Haggadah as we stepped through the traditions that our Lord YESHUA portrayed for us at HIS last meal.  I added sweet potatoes and some other vegetables to complete our table with lots of matzo and grape juice.

During the Feast of Unleavened Bread, I found that eating whole wheat matzo takes away some of my holiday joy but "Matza Pizza" and Chocolate Covered Matzo are a quick and easy antidote. I once again briefly considered making my own matzo, but maybe next year........ the task just seems beyond my tiny little kitchen counter space.  For now, we're happy with the basic matzo from a box.  

The picture of our bay above was taken last week.  I was trying to catch the furious nature of the waves crashing on the shore but my little camera isn't really up to the scale of what we were experiencing that day.  Many people gathered at the shore to watch the ocean raging in vain against the shore.  The waves were pounding in all during the day but settled down to quiet by evening.  It's funny to see how many people are drawn to the beach on days like this.

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