Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Comes Swiftly In The North

ROAR!!  Okay, okay, I know that my roar needs a little work, but get a load of my hair!  

Ariela here with a little update on my life here in the wilds of Alaska.

Winter is here.  I've been trying to ignore, avoid, and pretend that it's not happening, but today I've come to the conclusion that being in denial is unhealthy.  So.............I've decided to indulge in a little fantasy.  

Maybe, as a lion, I can get my "sheeples" to let me out to play in the snow.  I've learned to say the word, "OUT!!" by stretching my mouth open as far as it will go and groaning.  It's just not having the effect I'm really looking for.  While I'm looking to go OUT, my "mom" is looking at me and laughing her head off and my "dad" is telling me to go lie down.  NOT WORKING!!

It's not that I'm really all that keen about snow.  I just like to get outside and see what the rabbits have been up to out there.  I can spend hours just running around and around chasing down rabbit trails.  Sadly, I've yet to actually ever see a rabbit.  They just never seem to turn up at the end of these "trails".  

Once my "mom" was standing at the end of a trail watching me running back and forth across the pathway in crazed pursuit of a rabbit scent.  I was having a grand ole time running in circles.  As I disappeared off into the woods on the left, she sees a rabbit calmly hop out from the right side, take a leisurely look around, eat some moss and then hop back out of sight just before I make my hasty return.  It didn't give her much confidence that I actually have any real hunting skills.  I keep trying to tell her that I just need more practice!  

Oh, well, time for another nap!

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