Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sukkot - 2012

Sukkot Near The Sea?
I'm sure that most people wouldn't consider Alaska as a prime location to celebrate Sukkot.  However, since there are people that are deeply devoted to keeping the commanded feasts of YHVH Elohim living in Alaska (namely, I'm speaking for us, as we know of no other "like-minded brethren"  within 500 miles), there should be someplace for all of us to go.  

With the dates for this year's Sukkot of October 1-8, the weather and travel conditions are definitely a factor that determines how far anyone dares to go.  This is especially true for those living in the interior or anyone pulling a rig or travel trailer.  Snow and ice do happen!  

Fortunately, we live in the so-called "banana republic" part of Alaska where winter's grip takes a little bit longer to take hold and lock us into a smaller area.  On that note, we're posting this as a "take notice" that there is a place to go for anyone moved by the Ruach Ha'Kodesh to join with their "like-minded" brethren.

This will be a "winter camping" experience.  Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.  The weather here in Homer changes swiftly and sometimes in surprising ways.  Yesterday afternoon, we had warm sunshine that had us out and about without jackets.  Today, we're watching a heavy cloud cover and experiencing the rocking motion of our rig in heavy winds and blowing rain from the east.  A few more degrees drop and we'll be seeing some early snow flurries, or so DannyLee says as he grits his teeth to take Ariela out for her walk.  

We won't have any "big name" speakers or teachers or musicians.  This will be a gathering of the "faceless, nameless ones" that truly love HIM enough to keep HIS commandments.  Our focus during this Sukkot will be to share knowledge and experience on preparing our sukkas for the future events even as we work out how to walk this out for right now.  We expect to come together to share meals, midrash over whatever Torah teachings are of concern to anyone and to have times of praise and worship as this is to be both a feast and a celebration.

Anyone interested in joining with us should contact us as soon as possible to secure a camping spot.  Whether we have just "us" or a gathering of many, it is our prayer that this will be our best Sukkot ever.

Blessings in the NAME of YESHUA, our MESSIAH and soon-coming KING!

Home Sweet Homer
August 2012

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