Sunday, March 25, 2012

When It's "Springtime" in Alaska..............

As we were doing research for fun facts about Johnny Cash to present during our tribute shows, we learned that Johnny Horton was a very dear friend.  Performing in Alaska for international crowds, we often have people requesting Johnny Horton's famous song, "North to Alaska".  

A lesser known song (at least to us) that became a part of DannyLee's repertoire last summer is "When It's Springtime in Alaska".  This is also a crowd favorite and singing it through the winter was kind of a joke for us ------until we actually got to springtime and found out that springtime in Alaska isn't like springtime as we hoped it would be.  

Oh, it's warmer, much warmer than the "40-below" of Johnny's song, but as we see the images of spring training on the TV screens at the restaurant and listen to people talk about flowers blooming and high temps from Chicago to Denver, spring still seems far from us.  We have the dates and the "spring-ahead" time change that say it's spring, but the huge drifts and piles of snow that still surround us say otherwise to our winter weary brains.  

There have been a few changes that portend the slow arrival of spring with the appearance of the edge of our picnic table and the steady dripping of melting snow.  We also were somewhat forced to remove the tire chains from our truck although this has been a bit worrisome.  The main roads are clear of ice and snow.  

However, our RV park is still thick with ice and our parking spot is literally a pool of water that refreezes each night to glare ice.  We've been parking sideways to avoid getting stuck in place without the tire chains to help us get out.  Having a tire chain come partially off while driving in town forced that decision in order to avoid an even more dangerous situation with the dry roads.  

The temperatures during the day are creeping up above freezing and going down on the beach at low tide is a favorite activity here.  With the sun beating down and the waves gently rolling up on the black sand beach, it's easy to think "warm thoughts" and forget the ice and snow that had to be traversed just to get down there.  It's a wonderful place to get away from it all and just wander among the tidal pools and rocks.  

Ari loves to go down on the beach to smell all the interesting smells and see all of the other dogs.  Her favorite beach thing is to get out on the clear sand and run in circles as fast as she can go.  The last time we were down there, four eagles came to do slow, lazy circles right over our heads.  My first thought was that I hoped that they weren't considering her as some kind of "prey".  My second thought was even sillier as I wondered at how nasty it would be to be "torpedoed" with eagle poop.  YUCK!!

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