Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drip, Drip, Driiiippp........

Hmmm..................what's that strange sound?  Could it be??  

The sound of melting snow!!  

Hooray!!  It appears that winter is finally loosing it's frigid grasp upon us and spring is on it's way!!  

Of course, here in Alaska, there's little incentive to grasp at such straws with the snow still piled up above the windows, but the human spirit is often too easily moved by such things after a long, seemingly endless time of snowfall upon snow mounds, ice and freezing temps that shook us to the core.  

Yet, here we are, still very much alive and unscathed by the frosty months behind us (not counting a few bruises here and there).  Looking forward, our first winter in Alaska appeared impossible.  Looking back, it seems like a miracle that we made it through.  It wasn't easy, but using the lessons we learned coming up here to take life one day at a time, it was doable.  

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