Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hanukkah Day Three

Hanukkah Day Three - 2011
A quick search of the internet revealed various "recipes" for candle wicks.  One variable that came up in each version was the amount of soaking and drying time required to make wicks.  Some required hours, others days, and a few even longer.  Having only two days before my candle supply would run out, I wasn't up for experimenting.  

The other hitch was a similarity that all of the recipes shared, the need for "boric acid".  I'm not much for chemistry experiments.  Especially during the winter months where we live in an enclosed space with limited ventilation.  I'm not familiar with boric acid or why it would be necessary to make a candle wick and a quick call to the local pharmacy wasn't encouraging.

They didn't have any and suggested another place as it's mainly used to kill ants.  Playing around with something used to kill other living things isn't my idea of fun or a viable option.  It was back to the drawing board!

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