Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hanukkah Day Six

Hanukkah Day Six - 2011
The sixth day of Hanukkah came with quite a bit of snow.  It was good for us that we didn't have to go out anywhere further than necessary to satisfy Ariela's needs and I say "we" more out of sympathy than reality as DannyLee is my hero in this regard.  He's the one that is most apt to be at the other end of her leash much to her delight.  

She seems to have gotten used to the feel of snow and ice on her feet and has learned to do "her business" quickly and then make a mad dash for home with her tail waving smartly.  Their last trip before bed brought them both back frosted with snow from head to toe.  I had to laugh at the sight of them though DannyLee wasn't finding it all that funny.  

We have "officially" passed over the winter equinox and I say that somewhat "tongue in cheek" as there's a bit of confusion on my part as to what day actually constituted the exact time that this happened.  I'm used to the date being December 21st, but the Anchorage paper reported that here in Alaska, it's more like the 23rd.  No matter.  The good news is that our days from here on out will be getting longer.

In Homer, we never did reach the point where it was dark for an entire day.  The sun always managed to find it's way over the tops of the mountain peaks to the south of us at least for a short time.  While I enjoyed the summer days where it stayed light almost 24 hours, I'm not sure I would really enjoy 24 hours of darkness.  I have enough trouble trying to keep my days straight as it is.  

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