Monday, December 26, 2011

Hanukkah Day Seven ** 2011

Hanukkah Day Seven - 2011
This morning we woke to even more snow and it was beautiful to behold.  Alaska, or maybe it's just Homer, seems to take the business of clearing the roads not too seriously.  This snow required plowing, but ofttimes, there's just some small effort to put out some sand and little else.  The roads are never plowed to the pavement and no one seems to mind.  

I've eavesdropped on more than one conversation about tire chains and studded tires, but there's no consensus that they're really necessary to get through the winter here.  People with four wheel drive seem to put a great deal of faith in that, but for the most part, people drive without anything beyond all weather tires.  

We don't have four wheel drive, tire chains or studs and our winter driving skills are a bit rusty, but we're doing okay.  My biggest challenge occurred in a school parking lot that was coated with ice.  I had backed into a parking space with my rear wheels up against the parking curb.  When I came out to go home, I couldn't pull out of the space.  My wheels were just spinning uselessly on the ice and I couldn't back up because of the curb.  

This is where you need to pull out your handy dandy shovel and bucket of sand, but of course, this isn't a part of my gear.  As I considered this problem, I noticed that my floor mats were full of sand and gravel since cleaning the truck hasn't been a priority lately.  I thought that I might get enough from there to gain some traction.  Pulling out the floor mat revealed only a little sand but it gave me enough light to think to just throw the mat down on the ground in front of the tire.  

That worked very well and my problem was solved and YES!! for all you guys out there who are wondering....I did stop and pick up my floor mat and put it back into the truck.  Besides, who knows when I might need it again to get out of a jam!   

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