Friday, December 23, 2011

Hanukkah Day Four

Hanukkah Day Four - 2011
With one day left to solve our candle wick problem, we sat together on the bed and tried to think of options.  I had a vague idea from the candle wick recipes that maybe we could use melted wax to "prime" the wicking material that I had stripped the zinc wire from and get it to burn correctly.  We had plenty of wax from the candle making kit that we could use for this attempt.  The problem was in finding an appropriate container for melting wax.  The RV life doesn't lend itself well to having things like old pans or other such containers tucked into the back of anywhere.  

DannyLee came up with the idea of using birthday candles and that gave me the idea of using them as the core for our honeycomb beeswax candles.  This would solve our wick problem and look beautiful too!  The only question was if the two different types of wax would actually work together or somehow melt apart making another mess.  

We once again set off on a mission to visit the Salvation Army in search of an old pan for melting wax and to find birthday candles at our new favorite hardware store.  A quick search of the Salvation Army store came up empty and we left there "sans a pan".  While I'm definitely in need of new pans, buying them at this point just isn't in the budget so the idea of melting wax moved to the backseat.  It looked like birthday candles were our only option at this point.  

Heading to the hardware store or any store at this time of the year is an exercise in restraint.  Both of us have struggled with the long and difficult process of extracting ourselves from the miry clay of religious traditions and social customs that are in direct opposition to being in a close relationship with our FATHER YHVH Elohim and MESSIAH Yeshua.  We still struggle with an appropriate response to those that cling to such things.  We find it far easier to avoid going anywhere so as not to cause offense to others even as we struggle to try not to be offended.   We steeled ourselves for another unwanted trek into "shopping hell".  

Slipping in the back door of the hardware store to avoid the "ringers of bells" at the front, we headed over to the greeting card/party section of the store.  Here we found several options in birthday candles that just might work to solve our wick problem.  Turning to head for the registers, we found ourselves face to face with...........LO and BEHOLD!!....a Hanukkah display that had one box of small candles, one box of larger candles, several sets of hanukkiahs and various kinds of decorations for the holiday.  

YAY!!!  Problem solved!!  We grabbed the box of small candles and headed to check-out.  After paying a small price ($1.99) for our candles, we headed home with a sigh of relief.  It was time to hunker down for a long quiet weekend!  

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