Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best-made Plans - Hanukkah Day Two

Hanukkah Day 2 - 2011
Today we went off in search of candle wick in our little town of Homer.  There weren't a lot of places to look.  We were scrambling to think of anything that could be used as an alternative.  I even tried lighting various bits of pieces of string and linen cloth on fire to find another way.  No luck with any of that!  

We started with the most obvious place which is a hardware store that far exceeds the simple basics of hardware.  They even play host to a quilting/fabric shop tucked in a far back corner to my surprise and delight.  Tucked in a corner of this back corner, a surprised and  perplexed store clerk led us to 3 reels of candle wick tucked onto a high shelf on the back wall.  He also had no idea that such an item was carried in their establishment.

After carefully reading the labels on all three reels, I finally made a selection.  My new concern was that all of the wicking material had a zinc wire at the core.  This didn't seem to be a particularly healthy burning material and I was not too keen on this, but need drove us to give it a try.  

We went home and started rolling up more candles with the new wicks.  The wire core made the job much easier, but that didn't work out to our advantage.  

Lighting our candles on Day Two presented a very unhappy and unpredictable result.  As the candle burned, the wire heated up and coiled itself into a circular pattern that ripped through the side of the candle causing wax to spill and the candles to melt haphazardly.  It was quite obvious that the candle wick was not right for this job at all.  

In a flash of "brilliance", I decided to try pulling the wire out of the wick on the other candles that we had already made.  This simply took away the function of the candle wick and the remaining string only burned to the top of the candle and went out.  

It was back to the drawing board on how to get more candle wicks.  We had enough of the original candle wick to get through Day Three and Day Four, but timing was working against us with the season.  I started searching for instructions on how to make candle wicks, but that's a story for another day......

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