Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sukkot 2011 Alaskan Style

Celebrating Sukkot has become a serious challenge to us somehow.  Because we live in what is considered a "temporary  dwelling" all the time, it's hard to think that we need to move to a "more" temporary dwelling to keep this feast.  In years past, we've wondered that maybe we need to move ourselves into our tent.  Being in Alaska, however, put that idea right out of our heads.  

Of course, our "Nest" is a lot more luxurious than the succa's that we are instructed to build for ourselves in the Scriptures.  This year made us even more uncomfortable with trying to keep Sukkot as we've been instructed, as our new location has made it necessary for us to make some changes to our rig in order for us to survive the winter cold and because we have no land or space of our own, building another structure isn't permitted.  

This "skirting" that we've added to our rig is designed to reduce the amount of cold air/wind that is coming up through the floors and under the slide-outs.  Although it can be removed when the time comes for us to move on, it will still be a major task.  This creates a very real barrier to any thoughts of just changing our location on a whim.  Of course, any real snow and we're going to be staying put anyway.  This just puts a visual to our new loss of nearly instant mobility.  This was our "building project" for Sukkot.

Again, as we find ourselves in a new location without any fellowship, the joy of keeping Sukkot by ourselves is rather muted and sad.  This is a sentiment that is echoed by many of those that we've met on our travels.  We're all left with a longing in our heart for that future day when we will be gathered into HIS Kingdom to celebrate Sukkot together.  Until then, we pray that your Sukkot was a blessed and happy event!  

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