Friday, September 23, 2011

What is "Home-r"?

Welcome to Home-r!
 People like to have a place called "home".  It's a deep-seated need to have a place where you can go and feel like you belong there.  We have our "Nest".  It's been our home for the past 2+ years, but it's a "home" where the view out the windows is always changing.  We love our "Nest" and although we tried to imagine ourselves living somewhere else, if even for only a short time, it never works in our hearts.  This is our "home".  

There have been many times in our travels when we've come to places that we thought we might like to stop and look at for a while.  I'm very fond of soaring mountain ranges and ragged seascapes.  DannyLee seems to share my love of such things.  Sadly, those places didn't have what it takes to keep us there and we often found ourselves moving on long before the sights became ordinary to us.  

Wosnesenski Glacier
Winter in Alaska, however, is something that has to stop us, at least for a while.  Cowboy DannyLee at the helm of this rig blasting his way through a blizzard or outracing an avalanche is something that I'm not all that interested in having in my list of notable experiences.  The days of affordable gas and finding a readily available job are long over and life doesn't seem all that sure anymore.  It has truly come to be a time when "right now" faith is the foundation of our daily walk.  
Across Kachemak Bay

This is what has brought us to Homer, AK.  Now, this begs the question, "Just what is Homer?"  It's described in a variety of ways by the locals and the not-so locals.  The sign coming into town says that it's the "Halibut Capital of the World".  Mileposts describes it in a strange medley of ways:  "the little drinking village with the big fishing problem", "the end of the road", and "where the road ends and the sea begins" are some of my favorites.  

Dordshin Glacier?
                                                          All of these have endless imaginings to be worked on in the coming days, but none so much as the one that says, "the end of the road".  This thought has caught a hold of us far more than any of the others, not being inclined to either fish or drinking.  Why has FATHER brought us to "the end of the road"?  I don't know, but we have time to wait on HIM and let HIM tell us for HIMSELF.  Let the pictures tell what they can for now.
Holland America Cruise ship in Homer

Homer Spit from the bluff

To see what we could sea.......

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