Saturday, September 10, 2011


Centennial Park - Site 99
Are we there yet?  That's the thought that came to mind when I put the caption on the photo.  Here we are for a night at Centennial Park in Soldotna, and the best place we could find to park out of 170 spaces was site 99.  Hmmm..........

The road has been long and stressful and it's time to pull off and have a quiet night.  There aren't any Wally Worlds down in this neck of the woods so we opted for the city park.  They don't provide any hook-ups, but dry camping is getting to be one of our more useful skills.  It makes us really appreciate making that investment in our solar set-up.  Now if we can just figure out a better way to have heat!

Highway One is a two-lane twisting, turning, up and down maze of driveways and blind turn-offs.  We were warned by our friends that head-on collisions were frequent and ofttimes, deadly.  While our biggest concern has been moose, bear and caribou, the "local yocals" are far more of a hazard.  The highway planners were aware enough to put "truck lanes" or turnouts at key points along the way.  DannyLee has become very skilled at using them to allow cars and trucks to get past our rig.  Far better to have them in front of us going about their desperate business then to have them trying to pass us in no passing lanes or worse.

However, there's always someone that just can't wait and their importance exceeds any consideration for safety or common sense.  It's not like we're going slow.  Here the speed limit is only 55 and we're moving along at that speed with the occasional slow down for traffic and such.  The roads are wet as it's raining sporadically and here "he" comes.  One idiot in a red sports car decides to pass on a blind curve not only us but the 2 or 3 cars behind us.  Needless to say, the oncoming car that "he" ran off the road onto the shoulder was probably happy to be alive that day, as were we.  (Mind you, I say "he" as a general use.  Fortunately, we never had to have a "face to face" with that one!  It could have been ugly.)

This last picture is the view of the river from our campsite in Soldotna.  This is a pretty good sized town and with it's proximity to Homer, it's a comfort to have access to some of the larger stores.  There isn't a Wally World, but we're learning to do without.  Fast food has pretty much fallen off our table also, so we're seeing some progress in getting "Egypt out of us".  Are we ready for the "Greater Exodus" yet?  I don't think so.

As we woke up and prepared to continue our journey south to Homer, the phone rang.  DannyLee had a lovely surprise as he found himself chatting with an "open door".  A new business venture in Homer was interested in meeting with us and talking about our entertainment options.  This opportunity raised our hope to a new level and we found ourselves leaving our "redoubts" in Soldotna that morning and heading for Home-r, AK.  What an incredible, amazing, awesome Elohim we serve!!

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