Friday, September 9, 2011

Past Hope, Finding Mt. Redoubt

Mt. Redoubt
 Continuing south from Anchorage on Hwy 1, eventually brings you to the Kenai Peninsula.  This is an area where everything seems to be FOR SALE and yet, ordinary people like us would dare not ask the price.  As any real estate agent would tell you, "Location, location, location!"  The views are beyond fabulous!  

We've firmly decided to make the drive south all the way to Homer.  I'd put out some "feelers" for possible winter engagements and there was nothing to be done but wait.  Looking at the signs as we drove along, one of the first towns we passed was Hope, AK.  Even as we struggle with our faith, it was hard not to feel a sense of hope as the scenery unfolded before us.  

A sudden glimpse of the mountain shown here caught us momentarily off-guard.  As I'd said, we hadn't spent much time in our Milepost in this area and had no expectations as to what we were going to encounter here.  In a brief moment of confusion, DannyLee asked if we were seeing Mt. McKinley from here, but a quick check of the map nixed that idea.  What we were looking at was equally as exciting as when we first caught a glimpse of Mt. McKinley.  Mt. Redoubt is a volcano - a real, live volcano with an active history!

We had made it to the Pacific "Ring of Fire" which puts a whole different spin on "Johnny & June's" song.  There wasn't just one volcano to be seen, but there are several in this area.  The currently most active one, Mt. Cleveland, is not here in this cluster, nor is it visible from this part of the Kenai Peninsula.  That's only a small comfort if volcanoes are of any concern.  All of the volcanoes in this area are fully capable of "going off" at any given moment and have a history that isn't all that long ago.  

The name of this particular volcano, Mt. Redoubt was quite appropriate as we continue to await HIS direction and an "open door" for our winter location.  The silence around us and above us seems deafening.  

Mt. Redoubt

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