Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally Anchorage!

Anchorage Airport
We left the busyness of Wasilla for the overwhelming busyness of Anchorage.  While the magnificent landscapes of Alaska are prominent no matter where you go, the hustle and bustle of "city life" is very evident here.  Traffic is heavy and the roads, while clearly marked, can be a challenge with their sudden turns.  

Yahoo Maps gave us a convoluted path through Anchorage that was supposed to help us avoid something.  Instead we found ourselves on a one-way street, in the wrong lane, with orange cones separating the lanes.  As the cars in front of us started diving through the cones in order to make the upcoming left turn, we were horrified.  Not making this turn would clearly take us straight into downtown Anchorage, all 51 feet of us!  NOT!!

DannyLee made an "executive decision" and decided to run down a few orange cones as he made a desperate pass to get into the left turn lane.  Oh, well.......... it's not like they were blocking anything like wet concrete or big holes or a "work in progress".  They were just "there".  Well, not after we went through.  Hmmmm.......

Since we're not "big city" kind of people, we basically just rushed through Anchorage as fast as the traffic and the traffic laws would allow.  It was strange to see the Anchorage Airport right in the middle of town.  This plane in the photo caught my eye as planes are very much a part of Alaskan life.  I guess it's because much of Alaska is only accessible by plane.  One interesting factoid is that the planes used in Alaska are an aging fleet and many of them aren't made anymore.  It's getting harder and harder to repair and maintain them because of this - something to consider before jumping on one of those "puddle jumpers", eh?

After we made it through Anchorage, we didn't know what we were going to see.  We hadn't spent anytime perusing this part of our Milepost.  We were suddenly surprised to find ourselves "seaside".  It was like finding a whole new perspective on Alaska.  The road south is basically squeezed between the mountains and the sea.  As we twisted and turned along the way, our minds twisted and turned with the question of just where we were going and where would this journey end............

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