Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Wally World" campground in Fairbanks, AK?

"Wally World" campgrounds?
Heading north to Fairbanks for a welcome break from our summer's singing engagement was a real change from the cooler weather moving into the Tok area.  We were excited to be back on the road again even if it's only for a short time.  DannyLee's gotten a lot more comfortable with my more laidback "wandering" style of letting things come.  When we first hit the road, he'd work out detailed itineraries showing every gas stop and overnight place along the way.  This trip saw us on the road with only our Milepost close to hand. 

When we arrived at the "Wally World", we were both surprised to see what appeared to be electrical hook-ups in the parking lot.  AND the number of rigs parked across the back of the lot was pretty amazing too.  We couldn't see anywhere where anyone was actually "plugged in" and never having experienced winter in Fairbanks, the actual purpose of these plug-ins escaped us.  I "had to ask"!

So, here we are on our big shopping excursion and I make my way to the service desk.  The very helpful young man behind the counter carefully explained to me how 70 degrees below zero was death to a car.  He gave me a long story of how he managed to blow up two starters before he caught on to using an engine block heater to keep his car warm enough to start.

This wasn't some interesting way for "Wally World" to cash in or even provide any kind of "service" to their RV-ing "friends".  It was really all about taking care of their employees and who can fault them for that.  (Now, if those "Wally Worlds" in the lower 48 can catch on to this idea, how about providing some kind of shade in the parking areas.  We had that in Thailand and it's not all that hard to do AND much appreciated!)  

We definitely enjoyed our stay at "Wally World" and I'm happy to say that we even learned something new.  That always feels good!

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