Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer's End

The end of summer comes quickly in Alaska and fall appears to be little more than a footnote in the shadow of the coming winter.  As we find ourselves leaving our 42nd point of departure, we can only wonder at what lies ahead for us.  

Our tiny campsite here has been "home" since our arrival  in mid-May and "The Nest" creaks and groans as we go through the process of "hooking up" and "pulling out".  All of Alaska lies before us and the weather has become somewhat unpredictable these days.  Sometimes it's cold and rainy, other times it's cold and sunny, but it can all change in a moment and "cold" is a relative thing.  

We can see snow on the mountain tops even though it's still little more than a light dusting.  It carries the hint that there will be more to come soon.  While we have been through snow in the lower '48, there has never been anything significant to deal with as it has always melted within a day.  We've been told here that once it starts to snow, it doesn't melt until spring.  It's definitely not something to be taken lightly.

Our summer gig came to an abrupt close with the "death" of another piece of equipment.  We now own 3 broken karaoke players and have a fourth that is on it's last legs.  We're faced with the need for a complete overhaul of our equipment before we can do anything else on the music side.  This has truly been a downside for us.

On a positive note, our summer was greatly blessed by the friendship of two wonderful people at the campground.  We were deeply saddened when it came time for them to return to their home in Louisiana.  While we've met many interesting people during our stay in Alaska, these two will long remain in our hearts as a special blessing that came to us in the time that we needed them most.  So, Jim and 'Dine!  This "post" is for you.  Thanks so much for your loving kindness and faithfulness to be a blessing to all of those that come your way.  May you always be blessed!

Mississippi Man & Louisiana Woman!

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