Friday, August 26, 2011

The "Luxury" of a Hot Bath!

There aren’t a lot of roads in Alaska especially considering the vast size of the state.  Lots of people have warned us about the conditions of the roads and while it’s true that there are some really bad secondary roads and even some bad places on the main highways, we’ve been on far worse highways down in the lower 48.  The best advice for dealing with bad roads is the kind of advice that would work well for most of us anyway – slow down!

Since they have to build really long roads here, it seems that every road leads you to someplace that you just might want to go.  This road leads to the Chena Hot Springs Resort.  This is a very good road to go down.  The resort is located about 56 miles east of Fairbanks and the drive is truly worthwhile.  The one thing that always impresses me about traveling around in Alaska is that no matter where you go, city or country, you never lose sight of being in the wilderness of Alaska.  We really like that!

Now, I must confess that the real attraction to traveling down this road wasn’t just the beauty of the drive.  I’ve been hoping for a chance to make this trip since we came to AK.  I haven’t had a nice long soak in a hot bath for a very long time and the RV life doesn’t often provide for such things.  We couldn’t get there fast enough!

The hot water was hot.  The valley view was impressive and the cost of $10 a person for a day pass wasn’t that extravagant.  We really enjoyed having a dip in the “pool”.

One of our thoughts since we came here was to do a “mikvah”, but the icy waters of the Alaskan lakes and rivers combined with the leeches that inhabit such places kept us dry.  We were able to carry out our plan here in the clean and comfortable water.  What a joy to come before YHVH Elohim in such a way!  We were deeply blessed.
Chena Hot Springs Resort

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