Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another "Hope" Fulfilled!

While floating about in a pool of hot water puts a smile on my face, nothing does it for “my darling” like a vast expanse of perfect green grass dotted with “holes” – 18 of them, that is!

Alaska probably isn’t the first place that one would think of as a “golfer’s paradise”, but there are more golf courses here in this state than there are in the whole land of Israel. 

While that little “factoid” probably doesn’t mean much to the average person, to a “golf-nut” it can really be a determining factor.  However, having more golf courses doesn’t bring down the high cost of “playing a round” and the North Star Golf Club in Fairbanks doesn’t offer much in the way of a discount no matter what day of the week you play. 

Sometimes, you just “gotta do what ya gotta do” though and this was DannyLee’s first time back on the links since Knoxville, TN almost a year ago.  Considering that, his expectations for a great game weren’t all that high.  (Wi Golf just doesn’t do all that much for your golf swing!) 

He settled for nine holes and a walking cart to carry his bag and in the end, all I got to hear about was the cute young lady working at the clubhouse named Stephanie.  She was more than happy to help him with taking some pictures to commemorate his special day and she made quite an impression!  (YES!  I heard all about it!)
An Alaskan "foursome" for golf anyone!

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