Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rearview Mirrors

One of the hardest challenges of our gypsy lifestyle is in learning not to let what's in the rearview mirror hold us back from going forward.  The Children of Israel stumbled many times in the wilderness as they looked back with "rear-view" vision at the life they had left behind in Egypt. 

It cost them 40 years in the end to recover from that mistake.  The view from the windshield is very different from the view we have in our rearview mirrors.  

Sometimes we see things that are just plain hard to leave behind and other times we see things as being far better than what they actually were.  The truth is that rearview mirrors serve the more important purpose of helping us to see what might be coming along so that we can avoid a collision or to help us to keep an eye on "The Nest".  They're not intended to be a place to dwell on overly long or an accident could well be in our near future.  

Today we would drive 287 miles to Fort St. John where we would finally be joining up to the Alaskan Highway.  Our Mileposts guidebook would become our mapbook, our tour guide and more importantly, our step by step instructions to help us find food, gas, and campgrounds.  It also became a major source of encouragement to us as we were finally able to see the "end" of this journey in "drive-able increments".  

DannyLee was able to work out the driving for the rest of our trip into reasonable 200-250 mile days.  We were able to use the Mileposts to plan our fuel stops, night stops and "things to see along the way". This book gives detailed information on every pull-out, pull-off and special sights along the Alaskan Highway.  The challenge was to read enough to know what's coming up without spending too much time with my head stuck in a book.  I didn't want to miss the chance to see a bear, a bison or a caribou!

This would also be our last night in a "Wally World" parking lot on this journey.  It's funny.  As the "Wally World" stores have gotten smaller, it seems their parking lots have gotten bigger.  This night would find us sharing a huge lot with only one other camper.  

Because we're early in the season, we find ourselves driving long distances with barely another car or RV in sight.  There aren't many houses or roadside establishments and if there is something, it's more often than not, still closed for the season.  We don't think about what "could happen" in all of this wilderness.  We keep our eyes on the horizon and our focus on HIS promises to watch over us as HE has gone before us to prepare the way. 

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