Thursday, May 12, 2011

Onward! Crossing the Yukon River.

It seems pretty safe to say that while Ariela loves riding in the truck, the fun wears off quickly.  You can almost hear her say, "Are we there yet?!?!" as we settle in for another 209 mile jaunt.  We would travel from Teslin to Haines Junction without much to distract us in between.  

The road continues to amaze us as we ponder the constant warnings of broken and missing pavement, frost heaves and potholes.  The best part about these roads is that such things are often clearly marked with orange cones, signs and flags.  How often do you see such warnings alongside the broken pavements, potholes and such that are a regular feature of the roads throughout the U.S.?  Little did we realize what we would face in our last 100+ miles to the Alaskan border, but that's a story for another day.  

 Today, we crossed the Yukon River!  As you can see the banks are still lined with snow and the mountains that surround us still wear their beautiful snowcaps.  The air is crisp and cold and we hold our jackets tightly as the wind whips around us.  Ariela loves to stand "nose to the wind" as she considers all of the interesting "smells" that come her way.  

Crossing this iconic river brings Alaska clearly into focus finally and we find ourselves a day and a night away from our destination.  As we settled in for the night at a Fas Gas RV stop, it started to snow.  At first it was light and pretty, but soon it got clear that this was going to be our new "reality" for the last leg of our trip.  The biggest problem is that once we hit the road, there aren't many options for pulling off to let the weather pass.  This was a good time to slow down and make some prayerful considerations.  In the end, we felt confident that we could continue on the next day and so we did. 

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