Monday, May 9, 2011

Into the "Wild"-erness!

Today we would travel 228 miles from Fort Nelson to Coal River.  The road is still good when we consider all the bad roads we've traveled in the lower 48.  I've been keeping the camera close at hand in hopes of "capturing" some animal shots.  We haven't seen any animals up until this point.  That was about to change dramatically.

Now, I freely confess that I'm not all that proficient at photography or at identifying animals.  Sure, I can tell a bear from a deer and a porcupine from a rabbit, but I'm not sure I can clearly catch the difference between a caribou and a moose or a bison and a buffalo.  The task is made even more difficult as most of my pictures turn out to be "animal butts"!  

 I'm pretty sure that these are stone sheep here as that's what my Mileposts said I would see in this area.  I originally thought that the animal above here was a young moose, but I can't swear to that and as we saw more and more caribou, I lost all confidence.  Someone told me that the way to identify a moose was to look at the face and think of "Bullwinkle".  The problem was that I rarely got to see any faces long enough to think much of anything at all.
Just before we got to Coal River, I spotted a bear down in a gully alongside the road.  It appeared to be a very young black bear, and my reaction was totally useless.  I had the camera in hand, but in my excitement, I was just waving my arms around like a crazy person and I was nearly speechless leaving DannyLee to wonder if I'd totally lost my mind.  He did get to see it, but there was no chance of taking a picture at all.  The same thing happened with the next bear we saw a few days later and the pair of gray wolves that crossed the road in front of us.  You'll just have to take our word for it.  We did see lots of animals on our way north.

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