Monday, May 2, 2011

Crossing Over - Manitoba to Alberta

Welcome to Alberta
Today is "Day Fifteen" of our trip and the "Eighth Day" of our omer count.  We drove 320 miles from Saskatoon to Edmonton.  Our drive was not very interesting through the vast farmlands as we left the flood waters of Manitoba behind us. 

We still can't get our heads around the vast distance that still lies between us and our destination.  The farther north we go, the weather becomes less like the late spring/early summer we left behind and more like winter.  Dirty snow is still lingering alongside the roads in many places and the wind can be very blustery and cold.  

Our thoughts jump from Abraham and Sara going forth into the unknown and the Israelites as they traveled through the wilderness.  At least some among the Israelites had traveled from distant lands to live in Egypt and the Promised Land wasn't a complete unknown as it was to Abraham and Sara.  We have the benefit of traveling roads that are well-traveled and well-documented by maps and mileposts along the way.  Somehow, all of this gives us little comfort as we consider the journey before us into the unknown.  At times, only our faith in HIM stands between us and the very human desire to say, "Enough, this is too much for us!".

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