Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Backwards in Time?

more "animal butts"
After a night's rest in Coal River, it was time to hit the road again.  The weather has been slipping over to the "cool side" and as you can see in the pictures there is more and more snow alongside the road as we travel.  So far there hasn't been any on the road, but that was about to change as we added another 256 miles to our journey north.  

We continue to drive very long distances without seeing much in the way of "civilization".  Again, many of the few places we pass along the way are still boarded up for the winter.  It occurred to me today that this is very much like taking a trip backwards in time.  

In Georgia, we'd already gone through the "joys" of Spring with budding trees, lots of flowers and a ton of sneezing on DannyLee's part as he dealt with the overwhelming amount of pollen that was produced by the pecan trees that surrounded us.  He threatened more than once that he was going to write a song about the miseries of Spring allergies as he was forced more than once to take breaks between songs to clear his sinuses.  

However, as it always goes, summer weather had already come to Georgia with temperatures in the 90's, and yet, here we were looking at the earliest start of Spring again with melting snow and barely a bud on the trees around us.  Purple crocuses poked through here and there, but nary a leaf was in sight on the many trees and the only green was in the endless miles of pine on every side of us.  

Backing up into the seasons combined with the rawness of the wilderness that surrounded us combined into a surreal feeling of traveling back to a time when life was simpler and the world wasn't so full of people, cities and the hustle and bustle of mini-malls and "Wally Worlds".  Hmmm...................that left us to wonder what would life be like without such things?

It was time to take a break for Shabbat and rest from our travels.  We opted for two nights at the Yukon Motel and Campground in Teslin.  In the Yukon Territory, there aren't many options for dry camping and the cold weather made for some rough sleeping without an electric hook-up.  Having seen all of these bison alongside the road made us curious about "bison burgers" so we decided it was time to try one for ourselves.  While it's good to try new things, not every new thing will find it's way into our list of favorites.  The bison are free to roam about as "photo ops" in my opinion.  I'll stick with beef! 

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