Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Alaskan Highway!

Having spent the night less than 500 yards from the Alaskan Highway, today would be our very first time to drive on this road of great legend.  In my limited "traveler's view", it holds a place right up there with the infamous "Route 66" - definitely on the list of "must-drive" roads.  The funny thing was that there wasn't all that much to distinguish this road from all the other miles we'd driven across Canada already.  We see trees - LOTS of trees, mountains, FROZEN-over lakes, marshes.........and not too much in the way of "civilization".  Nice to look at, but it can get a little overwhelming at times as we feel small and alone under this great big sky.

Our first gas stop would be in Pink Mountain.  Now one might wonder at the name "Pink Mountain", but if you have a "Mileposts" you'd be able to read all about it.  I was more intrigued with the sign on the front of the building.  (If you click on the picture, you can see a larger version.)

It's our habit to make our "fuel stops" into "FULL stops" where everyone gets a walk, a potty break and at least, a snack, if not a full meal.  The Mileposts warned of some stops along the way that weren't all that inclined to welcome your "furry friends".  Ariela and I sat in the truck and watched two large dogs wander through the area as she was banned from leaving our truck.  While they may have their reasons and concerns, we don't feel welcome at places that have clearly posted an "UNWELCOME" for a part of our family.  

We got some gas and headed on down the road in search of a friendlier place for our "FULL-stop".  Pink Mountain wasn't the place for us.  

We drove 239 miles today for a night's rest in Fort Nelson.  Arriving early, we took a stroll along the parkway and a quick visit to the famous "Fort Nelson Hotel" before pulling into the Triple G Hideway at the north end of town for a night's rest.  

The most memorable part of this stop was a sign at the edge of town as we were leaving in the morning.  The sign said:

"Those who hate speeding tickets, 
raise your right foot!"

'Nuff said!

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