Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weathering the Weather!

Parking issue or weather problem?
Today we would drive 291 miles from Little Rock, AR to Seminole, OK.  This is our second time to travel this route and the road surfaces seem to be considerably better.  Our last trip across Oklahoma was very much akin to traveling across a washboard (for those who are too young to remember such things, just think ROUGH!)  

The weather, however, has not been an improvement and this day would prove even more challenging with the advent of hail - lots of HAIL!  We had planned to drive to Edmond and stay there for a couple of days, but it appears that FATHER YHVH had a different plan.  Fighting the wind, rain and hail made Seminole and our old favorite campground, the Catfish Round Up RV Park a much better option.  

As things worked out, HE was right (as usual) and we were able to enjoy a Shabbat Service with Lion & Lamb in Norman, OK on Friday, and a second Shabbat Service with Mike's group at Joined to Hashem in Seminole on Saturday.  Both services were special as Lion & Lamb was having a bar mitzvah for one of their members and DannyLee was able to share some of his music for worship time at Mike's.  We were truly blessed by the time that we got to spend here with our "family". 

By this time, the children of Israel had reached the edge of the wilderness as they moved from Etam to "Pi-Hachirot, between Migdol and the sea, before Ba`al-Tzefon".  As we prepare to head north out of Oklahoma City, we've not yet reached "wilderness" per se, but we will be entering Kansas for the first time ever.  Kansas is one of those states that we managed to miss on our tour of the U.S. in 2009.  The wind and the rain would continue to stand against us and we were reminded time and again of our first day of travel when we began our journey that we call "Tsiyon Bound".  

Sunday, April 24th would find us traveling from Seminole, OK to Concordia, Kansas where another "Wally World" adventure awaited us.  We're managing to stay warm at night and the truck is handling the road well.  The price of gas is staying steady around $4 a gallon and this day would bring us 352 miles farther from GA.  We don't quite have the courage at this point to face this journey in terms of how many miles still stand between us and Alaska.  At least, we know that we don't have 40 years to get there, no matter how far it is!

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