Friday, April 15, 2011

The Mayhaw Festival

grain silo?
Spending four months in Colquitt, GA for the winter earned us an appearance at the 28th annual Mayhaw Festival.  Colquitt is famous for two events - the Mayhaw Festival and Swamp Gravy.  This quaint little town also features some incredible murals that have been painted around the town.  

This grain tower or silo towers over the downtown area.  The color and details are extraordinary in light of the size of the "canvas".  Approaching it from any angle is a delight to the eye and inspires awe.  (Note: the pick-up truck to the right for scale!)

Walking the streets of the downtown area reveals a beautiful effort to capture the simplicity of ordinary lives.  The various murals offer an intriguing look at somehow familiar scenes of days gone by.  People make up the landscapes that keep our hopes and dreams for a better future alive.  Their faces tell stories that have a part in all of us from past to present.
town murals

DannyLee was invited by the Chamber of Commerce to set up on the town square for an evening of "Johnny Cash" and karaoke.  Our friend, Carolyn Ann, came along to add some of her favorites.  Several of our "regular" listeners also joined us on the Square to show their support.

A small utility trailer served as the stage and lawn chairs and park benches, as well as the available curbs made up the seating.  

The weather threatened to turn nasty as we fought the wind to set up, but by the time he took the stage, the evening calm set in and the rain passed us by. 

 As the crowd ebbed and flowed around us, DannyLee sang all his favorites and all of theirs too.  We were delighted to sing "Happy Birthday" to one of the locals who was celebrating his 95th birthday.  A couple of "brave souls" also came up to share their vocal talents karaoke-style. 

One of the most interesting aspects of life in Colquitt was the number of people that we met that were well into their 80's and some into their 90's.  We even met one man, who at 88, was the oldest CDL (commercial driving license) holder in the state.  He regularly drove by the restaurant where we sang and tooted his horn on his "BIG RIG". 

Our time in Colquitt, GA, while short by the time standards of those that have lived there for generations marked the longest time that we've yet stayed anywhere since we began "Tsiyon Bound".  

While on one hand it was hard to leave all those that had become more like family than friends, on the other hand, our hearts longed for the open road and it was with bitter sweet joy that we prepared to sing Willie's song, "On The Road Again".

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