Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Counting the Omer On The Road

Pauline Frankenberg
 Counting the Omer

"'You shall count from the next day after the Shabbat, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven Shabbatot shall be completed:"  Leviticus 23:15

The Spring feasts begin with Pesach, followed by the seven days of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Firstfruits and then we begin the Counting of the Omer.  Our observance of these feasts are based on our walk according to our understanding of Scripture and experience in keeping a purely lunar calendar.  We've found that there are a wide variety of opinions/thoughts/arguments concerning the dates and timing of the feasts.  We find that there is little to be gained in engaging in such things.  We believe that once we are in HIS Kingdom, HE will clear up all of our misunderstandings at that time.  Until then, this is the way we will walk.......

Our method of counting the omer is VERY unconventional.  When we first started, we had no real idea as to what an omer was or what it would look like if one was confronted with such an item.  Therefore, we resolved that we would "count the omer" using dimes.  In determining when and how we would count the omer, we spent a lot of time in prayer and study.  We know that we probably don't have it anywhere near correct.  

However, in our efforts to keep HIS commandments to keep HIS holy feasts, HE has blessed us.  The first year we started to count the omer, DannyLee would find dimes everywhere he went.  This might not seem like such a great miracle, but think back to the last time you found a dime on the ground.  It just doesn't happen all that much.  Pennies, yes.  Dimes, rarely, have I ever found one and not one such "find" comes to mind.  During that first omer count, however, DannyLee would find a dime nearly every day.  

We've taken these finds as a kind of strange confirmation that FATHER has HIS hand in on our counting method.  This year, as we count the omer on the road, DannyLee found a Canadian dime to add to our pile on our first day over the border.  In respect of that, we've continued to count the omer during our travels here with Canadian dimes. 

Day One
These images were done by Pauline Frankenberg.

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