Monday, March 7, 2011

All Roads Lead To..........

We've noticed a lot of searches lately that have brought people to our "Torah Time" posts and blog.  While our postings on "Torah Time" are far from current, I would like to assure all of our readers that we are actively pursuing our study of Torah every week.  We stopped posting when our travels interfered with our schedule and caused us to get so far behind that we started to avoid the subject altogether.  This frightened us and we decided it was better to lay aside the task of posting rather than lose out on our Torah studies.  

It is our prayer that all of you that are seeking information on Torah studies will explore the other sites I've noted here on our blog.  We are being deeply challenged and blessed by the current study on the Book of John being done on Wednesday evenings at Lion and Lamb.  There is much to be learned about why we believe that Yeshua is THE Messiah.  

Our Torah studies are the foundation of our preparation for what we believe lies ahead.  The picture above shows one "dreamy" path concerning the references in Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Deuteronomy.  FATHER tells us of a time when HE will bring us out from among the people and gather us from the lands where we've been scattered.  We are looking forward to this "greater Exodus" however it may be made manifest. 

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