Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Singing for our "supper"

I heard a survey recently about what does a woman really want on Valentine's Day.  The results were depressing.  With a choice of intimacy, chocolate or money, the latter won out.  I don't understand why anyone would pass up chocolate!  (Just kidding!  The list is in just the right order for me with money coming in at a very distant third.  Where's the romance?)

Well, we hope you found a way to spread a little "love" on Valentine's Day.  We did!  We spent our evening serenading  a crowd that had gathered for a special dinner.  DannyLee had lined up a bunch of gooey, romantic songs, but "Ring of Fire" and "I Walk the Line" still grabbed the top spots.  "Johnny Cash" has more than enough love songs to make any fan feel the "luv"!

You can read our "love story" and hear some of DannyLee's music on our "Stories and Songs" pages.  We'll be adding more as soon as I figure out how to get this blog to cooperate with me.  Enjoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

We're Adding "New Pages"!

YES!  We're still full-time RV'ers and YES! we're still traveling around the U.S.  And YES! we're still thinking about our blogsites though it may seem like we're not doing much on them lately.  That's all changing as I have lots of new ideas for posts as we come to the end of this Hebrew year and look forward to Pesach. 

Life has a way of changing your priorities and that's not always a bad thing.  DannyLee's doing a LOT of singing and that keeps us both busy.  We've had lots of computer problems that have cost us a lot of time and money to resolve and trying to stay ahead of the "weather" is a job all in itself as the cold has chased us further and further south.  No worries!  

We're both back up and running with DannyLee's new computer thanks to which is our favorite website for computer "stuff" and a cool program by the name of "Spotmau" which helped us to recover all of his files, including those from his previous desktop.  

The ugly computer virus and the "hack-attack" on our blog were both resolved with the help of information gleaned from the internet and the careful attention of Google to watch over their hosting sites.  We're very grateful for those that are willing to share their areas of expertise with those of us less gifted in those areas. 

As a last note, we're adding individual pages for each of our CD's with sound bites and stories about the songs and the CD artwork.  We've been looking to do this for a long time, but it's not all that easy to bring our "imaginings" into reality.  Finally, the technology has evolved to the point where anyone can do it and "anyone" includes me!  You can find the first page on "Yeshua my Vision" in the upper left hand corner here.  Enjoy the music and if you like it - think about buying a CD!