Friday, November 12, 2010

Today's the "DAY" and it's up to Yerushalyem!

With going up to Yerushalyem having been at the center of our thoughts, there was one particular lunch break that stood out way beyond every other stop so far. The name "Genesis Land" was on the schedule all the while, but it hadn't garnered any particular attention on our part.  The most I knew of this event was that it involved camels.  Boy, were we in for a big surprise!  

This is "Abraham" standing here in front of "Genesis Land" with DannyLee.  That big smile on DannyLee's face went along with the fun he had riding one of Abraham's camels.  Good thing he was wearing his cowboy hat today!  (Now where did I leave those cowboy boots.................)

Now DannyLee didn't actually get to sit in the "driver's seat", but I'm not sure that Henry was really in control either.  I think the camel appears to be pretty confident that he has the upper hand in all of this.  I opted out of this particular part of this adventure.  After a long and tedious ride through a rough jungle on an elephant, I've pretty much sworn off on such novelties.  It's just not that much fun.  DannyLee liked it though and it was only a preview of what would come next ---- LUNCH!!

The camel's led us quite a distance from the modern trappings of our tour bus into a setting that could well have been the surroundings of Abraham and Sarah's day.  While there were plenty of intrusions from the modern world to steal away from this magical event, there was enough theatrics to keep us drawn  in fully to the moment.  Abraham made frequent appearances to keep tabs on his "servants" and the food that crowded our little tables and filled our tummies.  His commentary interwoven with the meal was a constant delight and his British accent did not cause us any confusion.  His persona was excellent and he was a gracious and generous host in the nature of the hospitality long attributed to Abraham in the Scriptures.  

We were served a delightful meal with chicken, kabobs, dates, lots of warm, fresh pita bread and a large variety of hummus and other spreads.  Empty bowls were quickly refilled until we all left the tables with lots of groans and moans and only a part of them could be attributed to our aching knees.  This was one meal that deserved the extra effort of reclining on the ground.  I'm sure we'd have done better if this was more typical.

At the end of this meal, we climbed back on the bus with mixed feelings.  Leaving the hospitality of Abraham was sad, but Yerushalyem lay before us and it was time to get to the "Heart" of this Land.  There was nothing more to stand between us and the Holy City except a short bus ride.  Our hearts turned toward the place that we know as the City of our GOD - YHVH ELOHIM despite the world's efforts to make it into something else.  It seemed as if the bus was somehow quieter as we recovered from our generous meal or perhaps sank deep into consideration of what lay before us --- the City of David!

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